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Sahaswan is a small town in the district of Badaun, Uttar Pradesh. It is reachable from the district headquarters of Badaun by road.

Rampur is a district in Uttar Pradesh in the earstwhile area of Rohilkhand. It is on the National Highway 24 between Bareilly and Moradabad. It is also connected by rail. The town has been famous for its locally manufactured knives and the Indian pedigree dog - the Rampur Hound.

Among the must-sees in Rampur are The Khas Bag palace - the residence of the nawabs of Rampur. The palace shows two distinct phases of architecture - the Islamic as well as British styles. Inside, one may have glimpses of some beautiful oil paintings and the court room which bore witness to some of the notable recitals by musicians of the Rampur-Sahaswan Gharana.

One may also visit the railway station built by the nawabs and the Jama Masjid.

In the fort campus is Rampur Raza Library - counted among the best libraries of the world, because of its majestic Indo-European style of architecture as well as its possession of rare manuscripts, not found anywhere else. It was founded by the first Nawab of Rampur, Faizullah Khan (1774-94) who happened to be a great connoisseur of books. It was nourished and nurtured by his successor, Nawab Kalbe Ali Khan, and great-grandson, Nawab Raza Ali Khan, after whose name it is known today.


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